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Terms of service

Chapter 1. General Rules

Clause 1 [ Purpose ]
These Terms and Conditions are for the purpose of defining the terms and conditions of use of Star Pay (hereinafter referred to as "Service") provided by BLUE STAR CA HK LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "Company") and other necessary matters.

Clause 2 [ Effect and Change of Terms ]
1. The terms and conditions shall become effective upon disclosure to the user.
2. Company can change the terms and conditions in case of a change in the situation and in case of a business-critical reason, and the changed terms shall take effect in the same way as in the previous Terms and Conditions.

Clause 3 [ Disclosure and Apply of terms ]
1. The contents of these Terms of Service shall be published through the Terms of Use section of Service screen, and if the terms are changed, Company shall disclose them in the service without delay. 2. For matters that have a material effect on the user's conditions of use, Company may notify the user of the notice of the service even prior to the change of the Terms, which is valid as part of the Terms. Clause 4 [ Rules out of Terms ]
Any matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations. Clause 5 [ Definitions ]
The definitions used in these Terms are as follows.
1. User Number (ID): A combination of letters and numbers selected by the person who uses it for user identification and use of the user's services, and given by the "Person".
2. User: User who has been given a user number by signing "Service" use contract.
3. Password: A combination of letters and numbers that the user himself or herself has selected for the purpose of protecting the confidentiality of the user and confirming that the user is a user who is matched with the granted user number.
4. Service: Using Star Pay and all or part of Star Pay offered by Company
5. Use of the service: The user can enter the user's number and password to use the service.
6. Application of use: Signing of subscription to conclude service use agreement
7. Approval of use: Indicate whether the company accepts application for use
8. Service guide: Areas within Service where Company notifies the user of the terms and conditions of use, procedures, charges, etc.
Chapter 2. Signing of use contract

Clause 6 【 Establishment of contract of use 】
1. The use agreement is established by Company's approval of use to use the user through Star Pay.

Clause 7 【 Application of use 】
1. You can apply for the service through Star Pay site and the application tab.
2. If a person who wants to use the service is a minor under the civil law, the application for use is restricted.

Clause 8 【 Approval of application of use 】
1. After Company confirms the necessary information about the application of use and approves it.
2. Company may not approve the application of use for the following situations.
 1) In case You have applied for other’s name.
 2) In case You have falsely filled the application.
 3) In case You apply for the purpose of hindering the order of society.
 4) In case The period of use limitation under Clause N has not expired.
 5)In case Other application requirements set by the company have been omitted.

Clause 9 【 Installation of terminals, etc. 】
1. User must install the equipment necessary to use Service such as terminal at user's own expense.
2. Terminal, etc. to be installed in accordance with ① shall comply with the standards set by the Company.

Chapter 3. Use of Service

Clause 10 【 Use of service 】
1. User will use Services in compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
2. Company shall determine the matters relating to the use of the Services which are not specified in these Terms and Conditions, and shall publish them in the Service Guide or otherwise notify them separately.

Clause 11 【 Service start date 】
Service start date is from the time when the user applies for use.

Clause 12 【 Available time of use of sevice 】
1. Use of the service is 24 hours a day, unless there is a special obstacle to the business or technology of the company. However, the date and time set by company as a result of the company's prior notice and the need for periodic inspections are not so.
2. Company may determine the available time for each part of service, and in this case, company shall post the contents in service guide or announce it separately in advance.

Clause 13 【 Use of user number, manage, etc. 】
1. As a general rule, the user number must be issued to only one person with a real name.
2. It is the user's responsibility to manage and use the user number and password.
3. Users are responsible for any negligence on their use of service or for unjustifiable use by a third party caused by their user number and password notified to you. However, this is not the case if there is an intentional or material fault of Company.

Clause 14 【 Change of user number 】
1. User numbers can not be changed unless there is a clear need to do so, and follow StarPay's procedures for making changes.
2. The user can not use the user number for the third party, and the user is responsible for any problems caused by the third party use permission.

Clause 15 【 Additional changes to service content 】
If the contents of Service are changed or added due to the addition or change of the contents of Service, it shall be determined by Company and published in Service guide or otherwise notified.

Clause 16 【 User's obligation 】
1. User must use the matters set forth in these Terms and Conditions in the manner prescribed by the Company in exchange for the use of the Services.
2. In addition to Clause 1, user must observe and comply with this agreement, company announcement, service guide for each service.

Clause 17 【 Responsibility of using Service 】
Disputes arising out of the transaction of goods, etc., other than the parties, shall be settled between the parties, and Company shall have no obligation to arbitrate them.

Clause 18 【 Posts management 】
1. Company may, at its discretion, delete, transfer or deny registration, if it believes that the material posted or provided by the user for the efficient P2P trade system and efficient operation of the service is as follows.
 1) In the event that the content is defamatory, insulting or disturbing the business or reputation of a third party or company
 2) In case it is the data that contains the virus or the like which may be attacked for the service.
 3) In case it is objectively recognized that it is associated with criminal activity.
 4) In case infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties or companies.
 5) In case exceed the delivery period stipulated by the company.
 6) In case it is considered to be in violation of other related laws and regulations and posts management regulations of the company.
2. Company shall notify the user of the reasons for deletion, transfer of data, or registration of the data in accordance with Paragraph 1 above. However, this may not be unless it's absolutely necessary.
Clause 19 【 Copyrights such as posts 】
The intellectual property rights of the materials posted or registered by the user in the service shall belong to the user. However, Company has the right to use the publication in Service and can utilize the user's posts for non-commercial purposes.

Clause 20 【 Restrictions on access to Services 】
In the event that the contents and behavior of the user's use of the service are as follows, the company may restrict the use of the service in whole or in part for a period of one month or less, depending on the judgment.
1. In case user harms public order.
2. In case user relates to criminal conduct.
3. In case user impairs the honor of others or significantly hinders the use of others' services.
4. In case that user harms the healthy operation of the service by putting harm to the service or publishing the virus infection data.
5. In case that infringe on the intellectual property rights of other users or third parties or in case or in case it is considered that the owner of the intellectual property rights can claim infringement of intellectual property rights.
6. In case user do illegal campaigns.
7. In case user steals user number and password of others.
8. In case it violates the relevant laws and regulations.
9. In case other companies are deemed inappropriate as users.

Clause 21 【 Stop Service Delivery 】
Company may cease to provide all or part of the Services in addition to the day and time specified in article 1 of Clause 12 in case following.
1. In case Service is not possible due to power failure.
2. In case Service is inevitable due to the transfer, maintenance or construction of the service facility.
3. In case that it is difficult to provide a normal service due to a failure of the service facility or a runaway use of the service.

Chapter 4. Termination of service use and others

Clause 22 【 Termination of use of service 】
1. The service usage contract may be terminated in accordance with the company regulations, and the contract termination will be terminated due to the termination request of the user and the termination of the company.
2. When the user intends to terminate the service use contract, the user must file the application for termination with the service.
3. When the service withdrawal is received, the company restricts the use of the service from the following day.

Clause 23 【 Service end and Coin Refund 】
1. Company runs policy of coin refund in accordance with the termination of the service in case as follows.
1) If user withdraw the service within 2 months after you apply for the service, user's all SP points will be extinct.
2) After 2 months, the coin refund procedure for the SP will proceed and the company will refund 30% of the total amount of the paid coin during the service to the user. However, if the user uses the SP points that were in Free Pay, coin refund amount will be deducted from the coin amount by the used SP points.
3) When user don't act for 2 months after joining Service, User can get 50 % coin refund of coin paid at Star Pay if user want to withdraw the service.
4) The payment coins specified above are defined as cryptocurrency which is exchanged with SP during service use.
5) In order to smoothly coin refund the payment coin according to the provisions stipulated to the users, Company will not use the payment coin from the user without the consent of the user.
6) Coins received from users are used for coin refund according to the above Clause 23.
7) The coin will be paid in proportion to the paid coin price when the coin will be refunded.

Clause 24 【 Prohibition Clause 】
1. User may not assign or give user number to others while using Service, nor can user use it for the purpose of pledge.
2. The Company shall not be liable for any legal problems related to buy, sell and exchange of SP points of the user's P2P method.
3. Company is not responsible for any legal issues related for users to the buy, sell and exchange of indiscreet "SP" for personal monetary gain, not platform activation.

Clause 25 【 Disclaimer 】
1. In the event that the service can not be provided due to natural disasters or force majeure, Company shall be escaped from the responsibility of providing the service.
2. Company is not responsible for the service obstacle from happening user's responsibility.
3. Company shall not be liable in case user does not get the expected benefits from the company's service offerings or in case of profit or loss arising from personal selection and use of service materials.
4. Company shall not be liable for the contents of the data posted or transmitted by users.

I agree to the above terms and conditions.
Privacy Policy

BLUE STAR CA. HK. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") takes measures to protect users' personal information by following the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "Information Communication Network Act") and the Privacy Act and the related statutes. "Personal information processing policy" means the guidelines that the company should follow to ensure that users can use the service safely by protecting their valuable personal information.

1. Information items to be collected and how to collect them

A. Items of personal information collected.

1. The "Company" does not collect sensitive personal information (race and ethnicity, ideology and creed, origin and domicile, political orientation and criminal record, health status and sex life, etc.) which may infringe upon the user's basic human rights.
2. The "Company" collects and utilizes only the following essential personal information:
1) User identification and intention to sign up as a member
(1) Checking the user's identity and intention to sign up as a member
- General member: Name, ID, password, mobile phone number, email address, security password
(2) A certificate of identity for payment and withdrawal
- Name, date of birth, account number, copy of ID (masking for information other than birth date), mobile phone number and security password number
(3) When changing account information
- Name, date of birth, mobile phone number, address, occupation and identification copy (masking for information other than date of birth)
(4) Preventing bad members from using illegal or unauthorized personnel
- User access IP address and date of visit
(5) Checking the name of the simple
- Name, date of birth, gender
B. How to collect personal information
- In case a user agrees to personal information collection and enters the information in person during sign - up or service use, the user shall collect the personal information.
- During a consultation process through the customer center, users' personal information can be collected through web pages, e-mails, faxes, phone calls, etc.
- Personal information can be collected through letters at events and seminars that are held offline.
- Create information such as device information can be automatically generated and collected during PC web and mobile web use (access IP information, cookie, service use history, connection log)

2. Purpose of personal information collection and utilization

The user's personal information is used only for the following purposes. In the event of a change in purpose, the user's consent will be obtained in advance.
- Personal information should be used to identify users, confirm their age, prevent fraudulent use of bad members, and confirm their withdrawal.
- Personal information shall be used to protect records for dispute settlement, file preservation, civil complaints, and service operation.
- Use personal information to analyze service use records, frequency of access, statistics on service use, service analysis and statistics to provide customized services and to post advertisements.
- Used for information delivery, marketing and advertising during event events
- Use personal information to build a safe and secure service environment for users.

3. Providing personal information
In principle, the company does not provide the users' personal information to third parties. However, the personal information shall be provided to a third party only if the user agrees to the information or if there are special provisions in other laws. When processing personal information to a third party, the user shall be explicitly notified of the law in advance and the client's consent is obtained.

4. Consignment of Personal Information
"Company" can manage personal information by entrusting it to other companies to a limited extent for smooth and improved service. and the related statutes stipulate the matters necessary for the safe management of personal information in consignment contracts.

5. Personal information retention and utilization period
(1) The customer's personal information shall be retained and used during the period during which the "Company" provides services to the customer. When leaving the membership, the collected personal information cannot be accessed or used. However, in case there is a need to be preserved according to the provisions of the related statutes, they shall be preserved according to the following related statutes.
- Records on contracts or contract withdrawal: 5 years
- Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years
- Records on consumer complaints or dispute handling: 3 years
(2) If the customer requests access to the transaction information held with the client's consent, take proper action to read and check it without delay.
(3) If a member is withdrawn from the membership, the member's name, date of birth, ID, and password identification are kept for one month after he withdraws from the membership for the purpose of preventing illegal or expedient acts, as there is a possibility of illegally receiving economic benefits such as discount coupons and event benefits provided by the company or nominating them in the process.

6. Personal Information Disposal Procedures and Methods
"Company" shall destroy the collected personal information without delay in accordance with the storage period and the period of use after the purpose of personal information utilization has been achieved. Disposal procedures, methods, and timing are as follows.
(1) Disposal procedures and timing
The personal information recorded by the customer for the purpose of service subscription is immediately destroyed after the retention period according to the reasons for information protection (see the above personal information retention and use period) according to the internal policy and other related statutes after the purpose of service use is achieved, such as the cancellation of the service. In general, if there is no outstanding bond-payment relationship, personal information collected at the time of signing up for "Company" and managed in electronic file format is deleted immediately upon withdrawal from the membership.
(2) Revocation method
Personal information printed on paper is melted and destroyed by grinding or incinerating it with a shredder or chemical treatment, and personal information stored in electronic file types is deleted using a technical method that cannot be reproduced.

7. The rights of users and legal representatives and their methods of exercise
(1) A user or legal representative may at any time exercise the following rights in relation to the personal information of himself or of a child under 14 years of age:
- Require access to personal information
- Need to correct any personal information errors, etc.
- Require personal information to be deleted
- Require suspension of personal information processing
(2) Users and legal representatives can log on to the "Company" website( and view or correct personal information in "Changes in Member Information" or make corrections through e-mail or written request to the person in charge of personal information protection of the "Company". However, member ID, name cannot be fixed.
(3) The withdrawal of the 'approval on personal information collection and utilization' by the user and legal representative is possible through e-mail, telephone and fax, in which case the member ID and e-mail address must be disclosed.
(4) In the event that a user or legal representative requested correction or deletion of personal information, such personal information shall not be used or provided until the completion of processing. In addition, "Company" processes personal information that has been revoked or deleted at the request of the user or legal representative, as specified in "Terms and Uses of Personal Information," and prevents access to or use for other purposes.

8. Measures to secure the safety of personal information
"Company" carries out the following items necessary to secure the safety of the Personal Information Protection Act:
(1) Management measures
1. Establishing an internal management plan
- Items on the designation of the person in charge of personal information protection
- The roles and responsibilities of the person in charge of personal information protection and the person in charge of personal information handling
- Matters concerning measures necessary to secure the safety of personal information
- Matters concerning training of personal information recipients and subcontractors
- Other items necessary for personal information protection
2. Conducting a regular self-audit
- the separation of duties of the personal information protection manager and auditors;
- Information regarding the role and responsibilities of the personal information auditor
- Regular self-audit for personal information handling safety
(2) Technical protection measures
1. To prevent the leakage of personal information by the users of personal information, the company operates a personal information leakage prevention system, and applies a secure encryption algorithm for personal information transferred in the terminal (PC) and network.
2. The access authority to the personal information processing system is divided into one user account for each person in charge, and the access authority of the personal information system is changed or deleted and the records are kept for at least five years. In addition, we have established and applied the password preparation rules for the personal information service providers.
3. When an individual's unique identification information and password are sent, received, or delivered through an information and communication network through a secondary storage medium, the password is stored using commercial encryption software. The password is encrypted with secure cryptography.
4. The personal information handling system shall be kept and managed by the personal information handling system for at least six months, and the access records of the personal information users are kept safely in order to prevent forgery, alteration, theft, and loss of their access records.
5. We install and operate security programs such as antivirus software that can prevent and treat malicious programs on personal information processing systems or business computers, use the automatic updating function of security programs, and conduct periodic PC inspection.

9. Information on the installation, operation, and refusal of the automatic personal information collection system
(1) In some cases, cookies may be installed and operated by the "Company" to store and retrieve customer information from time to time through Internet service. Cookies are string information that a web server sends to a web browser, saves it, and then sends it back to the server when the server has additional requests. When a customer logs on to the "Company" website, they can read the contents of the cookie in their browser, find additional information, and provide the service without additional input, such as the name based on their connection.
(2) The "Company" may be used to:
1. Provide differentiated information according to the areas of interest of the individual
2. Analyze the frequency of access or stay of members and non-members to identify users' tastes and interests and use them for target marketing
3. Track the details of an interest and provide personalized service on your next connection
4. Information on the period of service use when using paid services
5. Analyse customer habits and use them as a measure for service reform
(3) The customer has the option to install cookies. You can accept all cookies, send a notification when cookies are installed, or reject all cookies in the "Tools" Internet Options > Personal Information > Advanced" at the top of your web browser. However, if the customer refuses to install the cookie, the service may be inconvenient or difficult to provide.
(4) Cookies expire at the end of the browser or at the time of log out.

10. Responsible for personal information protection
(1) The "Company" values the privacy of its customers and strives to prevent their personal information from being damaged, violated, or leaked. However, despite the technical supplementary measures, the company shall not be held responsible for damages of information caused by unexpected accidents caused by basic network risks such as hacking or for disputes caused by postings made by visitors.
(2) When inquiring about the customer's personal information protection, the customer center is making sure to respond quickly and sincerely. In addition, if a customer wants to contact a "company" person in charge of personal information protection, please contact the following contact or e-mail and we will respond quickly and sincerely to any personal information related inquiries.

[Personal information protection manager]
- Name: Ahmad marufu
- E-mail:
I agree to the above terms and conditions.
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